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Our salons


A happy story of accidental entrepreneurship, the founders brought to the table a mix of knowledge and experience from diverse fields. As it happened, it was this very set of diverse viewpoints that laid the foundation for enduring success.

The thought and rigour which goes into making your visit exceptional even today, was instituted right from the time of inception. Use of systems and processes, the unisex set of services to be offered, focus on continuous learning and development, installing a Salon Management Team for smoother operations, adoption of technology, the loyalty program, and an open and responsive customer service orientation, are some of the things which keep you coming back to us. From the first salon in 1997 to the 86th we now have, you can be assured of consistent excellence.

We are available at your service in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bengaluru, Vadodara, and Surat.


Our academy


Primarily skill based, which also needs to constantly update itself to stay in line with trends, such is the nature of the beauty and wellness industry. What better way to get better at what you do, than a focused approach to building your skill set and experience? And what better way to get a great foundation to build this upon, than getting professional coaching from some of the most senior people in their respective fields?

At the Enrich Academy, we help you hone your skills and polish your talent. We offer courses in hair, skin, makeup and salon management. So, whether you want to work in a salon, or operate your own one, you only need to learn from us. Our Academy has a number of international accreditations (such as CIDESCO, CIBTAC, ARTH, among others), so your hard work will also be recognized in the international fraternity.

We are available for your education in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bengaluru, and Surat.


Our culture


Our fundamental belief has always been that everyone has a gift, and a duty to recognise this in themselves and others. We practice this everyday by creating systems and services that help employees, customers and students alike - to be, look and feel at their confident best. Our culture manifests itself in our Customer Delight initiative, and Planet Enrich (which is a term for the collective of Enrich employees).

The values we live by are: Fairness, Ownership, Respect, Empathy, Nurture, Relationship, Integrity, Co-operation, Honesty. Our hiring process checks the resonance of these values with the candidate, so that there is a good fit between the person and the organization. We also encourage team members to practice these values in their daily personal and professional lives, and recognize value ambassadors. You can see the words FOR ENRICH displayed in each of our salons, which serves as a constant reminder of the ethos of the organization, to both team members as well as customers.


Love Begins With You


We’ve become used to seeing the highlights of everyone’s lives, through social media, and other interactions with them. It makes us ponder – why does my life seem less special?

What we overlook is that we see only their best moments, and compare them with our routine ones. Also, comparisons are unfair – everyone is on a different path, with different goals. What we need to do is to look internally, and gauge our own happiness through the lens of our own journey.

Thus is the thought behind our motto – Love Begins With You. All of us are special in our own way, and looking good is one of the ways in which we can feel more special. This is something we can help you in. At first glance, we deliver grooming services. However, what we actually do is deliver self-esteem, by helping you love yourself!