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Overview This course will train the student in all the aesthetic skin treatments that are offered in beauty industry world wide and give them the requisite theory and practical knowledge to perform these services professionally. It also includes the basics of skin anatomy and physiology and the use of six machines that are used extensively in modern day skin care. There will be intensive hands on practical training in the use of each of the machines that will help students master the techniques. Goals o Anatomy and Physiology of Skin. Introduction to Galvanic Current , High Frequency, Vaccum Suction, Ultrasonic & Vapor Ozone, Micro-current, Neuro- muscular stimulations. o Indications, procedure, contraindications and after care for each. o Knowledge of Health & Safety practices, First Aid o Hands-on: Intensive practice on each service. o Soft skills for consultation & delivering the service Each student will practice on sixty models. This is to practice the theory that they learn as well as for better comprehension of the skills and techniques they are taught in the class. Requirements Ability to read & write English is mandatory (minimum schooling up to Std.12 is preferred) to use the course material and take the written test. Evaluation There is an international examiner to assess your written test at the end of the training and an assessment of the services done on the models – both in terms of the technical aspects of the service done as well as the time taken to deliver it. Students need to clear with the minimum 70% passing grade in order to be eligible for the course certification. Advance Level 350 Hours/ 60 Models Instructor: Enrich Technical Educator E-Mail: education@enrichsalon.com Phone: 022 42939100 Offered at: Mumbai/ Ahmedabad/ Pune Academy Hours : 8am-2pm / 2pm-8 pm Materials : Course notes as well as the material for the hands-on wherever applicable, will be provided and is included in the course fee. Connected Courses Clinical Aesthetics B005b 72 Hours /20 Models Theory, methodology & hands on practice on Microdermabrasion & Micro-current machines and peels. Body Therapy Course B006 210 hours/ 40 Models Theory and practical training on Body Massages. From basic Anatomy & Physiology to Body Analysis, Diet & Exercise and use of specialized equipment, Light & Heat Therapy and Swedish Massage techniques. CIDESCO B011 1350 hours/ 130 Models Theory and practical training on Face & Body Massage. Basic Anatomy & Physiology of Face & Body Analysis, Diet & Exercise and use of specialized equipment, Light & Heat Therapy and Swedish Massage techniques.
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